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Southern Classic takes pride in our work environment, has integrity in our organization, places a strong focus on our customers, and strives for quality in our employees and our products. We are interested in growing with customers that have similar attitudes and look forward to many successful relationships.

Customer Service

If you have a question regarding our brands, product categories, distribution or company, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department.  We strive not only to meet, but to exceed our customers' expectations.  Our customers demand excellence and so does Southern Classic Food Group.  With the goal of creating relationships that will be long-term, we will strive to provide you with an answer to your questions in a timely manner.

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getting started

The original leased office space was in downtown Brundidge, Alabama. Because of the long history the town has had in the manufacturing plants of a similar nature, it was the ideal location for Southern Classic to call home. The city of Brundidge offered all of the prerequisites for food manufacturing, and city officials worked diligently with Southern Classic to help put the project together.

235,000 sq ft

We take great pride in our manufacturing facility. Land was acquired during 2002, and the first 45,000 square feet of the new facility at 1000 Magnolia Boulevard was constructed and warehousing began. Production began at the new facility during 2003, and the original operations transitioned to the new facility during the first quarter of 2004. We've added on in phases with the final addition being completed in 2016.

our community

Southern Classic thanks partners like Power South, Southeast Alabama Gas and the Brundidge City Officials who paved the way for the industrial growth of Brundidge over the years. Along with city officials, local businesses have been helpful to Southern Classic. As such, Southern Classic is determined to be a good corporate citizen as our neighbors have demonstrated over the years.  

customer service
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